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God Bless You Prophetic People,

Mullins, SC. For several years, I felt an urgency to host a Prophetic Conference. It began as a Prophetic
Luncheon years ago, and is now growing into what God intends for it to be. The spirit of the Lord spoke to me.  He said, “This conference will serve as a spiritual stir-up, and awakening. People will travel from all over the
world to witness and experience this powerful move. I will use this conference to transform cities and nations.”
This conference will be beneficial to the Kingdom of God. I have often met men and women of God who have
allowed their spiritual revelatory gifts to lie dormant. God has lain upon my heart to call together a team who
will assist in facilitating the vision of the Open-Heaven Prophetic Conference, a team that will challenge
believers to activate those gifts within. This team will be known as the Open Heaven Prophetic Alliance, and
will consist of prophetic people. Some will hold the titles Apostle/Prophet, and some will not, but all will be
able to express the heart and intentions of God.

Some years ago, there was a powerful move in Los Angeles on Azusa Street. I have had the privilege of reading
some documentation of this event. This move brought people from all around the world who wanted to
experience a supernatural move of God. One writer referred to it as ‘A taste of Heaven.’ I am issuing a
summons to all prophetic people who share in the mission and vision of the Open Heaven Prophetic

The prophet Isaiah had a passionate cry “…O that thou would rend (open) the heavens.” He knew that Israel
needed reviving and that when the heavens opened, the people would experience the supernatural power of God
in signs, wonders, miracles, healing, dreams, visions, and revelations. This is the type of move we are expecting
for this year’s conference. Join me and the Prophetic Alliance for a taste of the open heaven. This great
gathering of the prophets will take place Thursday, January 23rd, and Friday, January 24th, 2020 at 7:00 pm each
night, and Saturday, January 25th, 2020 9:00am until 2:00pm.

We have invited prophetic teachers who have dwelled under the open heaven and received divine revelation to
minister during this conference. We sincerely believe that God has put forth his hand on the mouths of these
prophetic vessels.

We have included a copy of the flyer and we ask that it be announced and posted in your ministry. We have also
included a registration form that you may copy and return to us if you would like to pre-register. You may
register online at www.openheavenpropheticalliance.com Registration is optional, but if you would like to sow
into this ministry and join us in making this conference a great success, the fee will be $25.00. Thank you in advance for your participation and we are looking forward to worshiping
with you.

Prophetess Eartha Edwards
Open Heaven Prophetic Conference​