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About Pastor Eartha Edwards
Eartha Edwards realized at an early age that God had his hand upon her life. From the earliest stages of her life she was taught the importance of praising and worshipping God. As a result, she now lives a lifestyle of intimate fellowship with her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. God has given Eartha the ability to lead audiences to a place where they literally see and experience God’s Glory. Many have sat under her preaching and singing ministry and have been challenged to seek God in a deeper, more intimate way. 

Eartha serves as Pastor of Harvest-Time Evangelistic Center in Mullins, SC, along with her husband Bishop Chris Edwards. She has one son, and two grandchildren. She is a highly anointed recording artist. Her first CD project “In the Midst of His Glory,” was released in the summer of 2008, second CD recording, “Sing,” released in May, 2011, and a DVD recording, “Unrestricted Worship,” released May 2012. 


Eartha has been in ministry for over 20 years, and in those years God has used her in several facets, such as prison ministry, mentoring young women, and educating youth. She is employed by Horry County Schools as a behavioral therapist, and is the owner of Eartha’s Luv-N-Care Daycare Center. Her academic achievements are a BA degree in Social Work, and a Masters degree in Special Education. Her educational accomplishments have afforded her increased opportunities to impact people from all walks of life, and she is reaching them in a basic and practical, yet profound way. 

Eartha’s mission in life is to honor her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ by glorifying him, edifying the believers, seeking and reaching the lost in her community, surrounding areas, and throughout the uttermost parts of the earth.

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