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Eartha Edwards

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Open Heaven Prophetic Alliance
Application Form

Please read before filling out the application form
This is a PROPHETIC SUMMONS to all prophetic people.   

I have often met men and women of God who have allowed their spiritual revelatory gifts to lie dormant. God has lain upon my heart to call together a team that will challenge believers to activate those gifts within.  The alliance will consist of prophetic people. Some will hold the title of Apostle/Prophet and some will not.  However, ALL will be able to express the heart and intentions of God. 
I am fully aware of the busy schedules that we all have.  Therefore, this alliance team will only have three corporate meeting per year. Meetings will be held in September, November and January Conference.  The August and November meetings will discuss the vision and govern the overall direction of the Open-Heaven Conference. January (3 days) meeting will be the actual Open-Heaven Prophetic Conference. Other communications will come thru text, emails and conference calls. 

The Spirit of the Lord spoke to me. He said, “This conference will serve as a spiritual stir-up, a spiritual awakening.  People will travel from all over the world to witness and experience this powerful move. I will use this conference to transform cities and nations.”  This conference will definitely be beneficial to your local church and the Kingdom of God.   

There will be three facets to this alliance: 
  • Ministerial - Appointed Apostles, Prophets and Prophetic People. 

  • Support - Manage and direct secretarial, advertising, .media, registration, hospitality etc.  

  • General - All other members of the Body of Christ who chose to formally partake in and support the vision. 

All facets are important.  However, ministerial and support members will be selected by alliance team.  Thanks for your willingness to assist in facilitating the vision of Open-Heaven Prophetic Conference